The aim is to keep and retain happy staff, safe and highly focused and productive whilst at the same time providing company data security, cost effectiveness and asset beneficial.

How to have a holistic approach with one company designing, building and installing your perfect all in one home office. A supplier that complies with your company health and safety, data security and financial objectives. We are My Home office. Design, build install and maintain.

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    Working From Home Live (WFH)

    London Excel Stand: C222


    • The inside and outside home offices are sectional by design.

    • Free standing, no need for hardstanding and foundations

    • Only require 13amp power supply

    • Quick and easy to install.

    • Easily moved and relocated.

    • Customised to client’s industry specific and employee’s needs, (disabled access, left-handed etc).


    By using sliding and bi-fold doors, the office can be used for team, group or boardroom meetings, presentations to clients and staff wellbeing face to face events.
    Multifunctional space available as the slide out board table extends the seating area onto the veranda.


Cheaper than your current office costings (per sq ft per month):

<> 3 x 3m London office is £37.50*

<> UK average City office is £21.66


Compared to your new home office:

<> Garden located office suite fr. £19.60

<> Inside home pop up office fr. £11.42

Special introductory offer

Financial government supported plant and machinery discount solution.

Also, for the first 30 orders we offer a further 10% discount on the total cost of ownership against any finance deal.

100% tax deduction in first year.** And an additional 30% government supported corporation tax benefit for investing in Plant and machinery on any five-year agreement.***

* Statista resource, 15th May 2020.
**Subject to individual company tax arrangements and conditions.
***Terms and conditions apply.


If you struggle working where ther is constant interruptions and distractions like kids, washing machine working off the breakfast bar, then probably yes. Some have to have a door to shut and block out the home, some need a big table to have the team around and some physically need to get out of the house into a purpose built “ their own space” that is the same in the morning as it was when they left the day before. Whatever makes you more productive, safe and secure

Zoom meetings can bespoke the home office to your employees need, down to equipment that are your industry specific like label printer, for customising document, graphic design and notices printed on sticky back. Wide scale interactive site board and posit note collaborative functionality for presentations or international sales meetings. Even down to left hand layout for extra comfort

Yes, the governments 130% plant and machinery first year write down tax benefit means it’s never been cheaper to get equipped. A survey to establish existing cost in the head office we will show a saving on any home office installation. Guaranteed!

As it is modular we deliver and install in six hours, remove and relocate, store ,refresh and remodel for exhibition use or conference/ golf day activities.

Click on the home page calendar link and book a consultation. We can either act as consultants and project manager, design and build a shell solution for you to fit out or provide a bespoke design to wrap around your colleague.

You can book an appointment to see examples in Hertfordshire show garden, or come to the workingfromhomelive show stand C222 at London Excel on 24/25th November 2021. Tickets available on the home page.

About Us

Richard Kirby

With over 30 years experience in supplying Ricoh, Epson, HP, and Xerox Copiers, MFDs and Printer Solutions. Our customers range from National Accounts to one-off SME companies. Adapting to new situations like the COVID pandemic and Designer of a Pop Up Home Office fully working and Integrated with Hardware and Communications.

Why you should choose us?


Need advice?

  • Review of existing office space and costs.
  • Look at Health and safety, staff mental health benefits and increasing productivity.
  • Review current cost v Home.
  • Office implementation with view to savings and green credential benefits.
  • Tax advantage analysis and advice on funding the project Hardware and software reviews and options
  • Finance options as a brokerage to several leading Leasing companies like BNP Paribas, Propel, Tower Leasing, and Grenke.
  • Analyse existing obsolete hardware costs and upgrade hardware to justify the costs of home office implementation.