Environmental & H&S Benefits

How to provide a safe and health & safety compliant home office for your valued staff.

 “Through careful selection of the latest technology, hardware and sustainable materials, our objective is to reduce your carbon footprint, lower energy consumption, reduce consumable waste and reduce in harmful emissions.”

Health and safety

Health and safety HR solutions and staff well-being working from home. Expanded with articles and quotes. Image of stress at work and duty of care by the employer to the employee. Benefits of retention of staff less work downtime , ease of recruitment of better staff and less claims for accident. Insurance benefits and reduced costs. Increase productivity and no longer 9to 5.30 but being online when customers around the world are working. Benefits are

Accessible to everyone and built around the individual’s needs ie. left handed layout. Health & Safety compliant eg. 5-wheeled chairs.

Quiet focused bubble for improved efficiency with less distraction.

Connectivity to improve efficiency and working at convenient time and when clients are available

IT connectivity and software support, managed access and alarmed security. Driven by client’s corporate IT policy and  specifications. 

Easily cleaned and a COVID free environment as well as open air access for team meetings

Demonstrate how staff working from home increases productivity and the ability to communicate with global clients 24/7/365.  Totally flexible working hours.

Reduce ongoing costs over time. Flexible finance. Refresh hardware/service solutions. Analysis existing office costs and highlight areas of savings.

Examine reduced environmental impact on staff working from home including reduction in CO2, energy emission of equipment for a healthier working environment.

Fixed contract and reusable asset which moves with staffing needs.  Facility for relocation, storage, change of use or end of term refresh. All inclusive service and support packages available.

Solves benefit in kind, staff tax problem and duty of care and mental well-being of staff